I'm an artist...
Who became a graphic designer/visual artist and lives in Southern California.  I've got a few years experience on my belt creating brand identity designs and developed those brands for print and digital marketing. I learned how to adapt those brands into visual strategies from concept to finish products for clients in a broad range of industries, including entertainment, corporate and small businesses, and especially the banking industries (Federal Credit Unions).   I have been successful in collaborative environments while leading design teams to conceptualize and execute effective print and digital marketing assets, products and materials, to achieve their business development goals of growth.
My first experiences began in the Entertainment Industry creating corporate identity, logo marks and iconography.  From there, I developed brand package print collateral, video and DVD package design, designed movie poster concept art, and utilized my existing skills in traditional design/ Illustration into digital assets.  I've worked in a diverse field of design disciplines, including architectural design, landscape design and environmental design.  I love working with individual creative artists and help them market themselves and their creative businesses.
My Portfolio includes many areas of visual design, graphic design, brand identity design, digital & traditional illustration and my love for Photography
Identity design, brand development, digital and print marketing, digital and traditional illustration, iconography, photography, architectural and landscape design.
Thank you!