Joe Howell  -  My Story as a Visual Designer
As a Vulcan, my logical mind led me on a fascinating journey into the realm of graphic design and visual artistry, landing me in the vibrant landscapes of Southern California. Despite my inclination towards science and the pursuit of knowledge, I found myself drawn to the creative expressions of design and its potential for effective communication.
With several years of experience in my belt, I immersed myself in the craft of creating brand identity designs, a task that demanded precision and an eye for detail. I honed my skills in developing brands that spoke to both the tangible and digital realms, catering to the diverse needs of clients across various industries. The art of translating a brand's essence into a visual strategy, from conceptualization to the final product, captivated my logical sensibilities.
My work brought me into the orbit of a wide array of industries, including entertainment, corporate entities, and small businesses. However, one area where I found a particularly interesting challenge was the banking industry, more specifically, Federal Credit Unions. The intricacies of financial institutions allowed me to apply my analytical mindset to create designs that resonated with their values while maintaining an aura of trust and reliability.
One aspect of my journey that has brought me immense satisfaction is my ability to thrive in collaborative environments. I found that working with diverse teams of individuals brought fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, enhancing the quality of our final output. My leadership skills guided these design teams through the conceptualization and execution phases, ensuring that we crafted marketing assets, products, and materials that facilitated our clients' growth and development goals.
While my Vulcan heritage might make it seem like I lack emotions, the truth is that I find fulfillment in seeing the impact of my visual creations on the world around me. Each design I bring to life is a testament to the power of creativity and its ability to connect people and businesses in meaningful ways.
In conclusion, my journey as a graphic designer and visual artist has been a gratifying exploration of the fusion between logic and creativity. Through my work, I aspire to leave a lasting legacy of designs that resonate with individuals and contribute to the prosperity of businesses across various sectors. Live long and prosper.
Skilled in brand identity development, print and digital marketing. Skilled in strategic visual planning, leading design teams, and delivering impactful marketing collateral for a variety of diverse industries, including corporate, small businesses, and Federal Credit Unions.
My first experiences began in the entertainment industry, creating corporate identities, illustrations and movie poster key art.  From there, I developed brand package print collateral, video and DVD package design, designed movie poster concept art, and utilized my existing skills in traditional design/ Illustration into digital assets.  I've worked in a diverse field of design disciplines, including architectural design, landscape design and environmental design.  I love working with individual creative artists and help them market themselves and their creative businesses.
My portfolio includes many varied areas of visual design, graphic design, brand identity design, digital & traditional illustration/painting, and lastly my  passion for Black & White Photography
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